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"James Bond: Cold Warrior or Global Brand?"

Since 1953 'James Bond' has evolved into a cultural icon. While he appears to be a quintessentially British creation, his Cold War adventures unfolded across the international stage and garnered massive audiences. But what exactly was the Bondian Cold War?

European diplomatic history

Brown uses prosopography to explore the diplomatic networks formed during the negotiations leading up to the Helsinki Final Act of 1975.

Ph.D. Martin D. Brown

Cold war researcher

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Dr. Brown has written extensively about Britain’s Special Operations Executive’s (SOE) and its work in the former territory of Czechoslovakia during the Second World War, including its involvement in the assassination of SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the Slovak National Uprising of 1944 and the Prague uprising in 1945.
James Bond looms large in his current research project which examines the multifaceted legacy of fictional spies on both page and screen. He organized an international conference on the realities and myths of the ‘Bondian Cold War’ at Tallinn University in June 2019 and is now editing a book on the subject.

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