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The Palestinias

The struggles of the “Inside” versus the “Outside” both in Fatah and Hamas, and how does this may affect the prospects of the revival of Palestinian terrorism?

The Arab-Iranian struggle over Jerusalem

Will this cause another destabilizing effect on the Levant?

Pinhas Inbari

Author, journalist

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

Pinhas Inbari is a veteran and experienced observer of the Middle East with special emphasis on the Palestinian Problem. Wrote 4 titles on the several aspects of the problem, including terrorism, the history of the problem, the way they perceive Zionism and the politics of terror. He is a senior researcher at the leading Middle East Institute, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and senior writer for several foreign outlets in Israel. Pinhas Inbari is a researcher and journalist on the Middle East, with strong ties to the Palestinian Authority and maintain a wide web of connections across the Middle East. Wrote 4 books on the Palestinian problem.

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