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Global Medical Crisis Management

Mairov was head of Dept. International Mass Casualty Situations – AREU Lombardy until he retired in 2018, after 11 years in the role. As part of his public interest activities, he was a member of the NATO working group for the development of the Trauma System and the Maxi Emergency of the NATO. Mairov gained experience in all his endeavors, serving in the IDF, studying medicine, and directing organizations. This has truly made him an expert in medical crisis management.

Prof. Enrico Mairov

International Crisis Management Specialist

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English, Italiano, Hebrew

Prof. Dr. Mairov is currently acting as Promoter of the Agreement between the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the Deputy Governor of the Lombardy Region Fabrizio Sala for the realization of the "Healing the World" Project.
After serving in the IDF's Special Reconnaissance Unit 401 at the Yom Kippur War, Mairov studied for a degree in Medicine and Surgery in Milan, later on specializing in family medicine, Emergency medicine and Health Economy in Israel, and in Sports medicine in Brescia.
Mairov is the acting president of both the Mediterranean Solidarity Association and the Lombardy-Israel Association.

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