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The Secrets of Creative people

What are the attributes of creative people?
Where does creativity occur in the human brain?
Can anyone develop creative skills?
Why does it all begin with barking?
Why inventors don't think 'outside the box'?
Why does it all start with yogurt?
Ten tips for making your life much more creative?

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Prof. Mel Rosenberg

Emeritus in Clinical Microbiology and Immunology

Location Mark



English, hebrew

Prof. Mel Rosenberg weaves humor, music, experience and imagination to deliver talks that inspire and engage audiences all over the world.
Want a motivational talk about the secrets of creative people? How to embrace your mistakes? How to be 99% successful? How to network successfully? How body odors and sex are intertwined? How to stay healthy forever? The secrets of the popular songs that last forever? Mel's your man.

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