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Operation Entebbe – behind the scenes

The true and personal story of the operations-officer of Sayeret Matkal (Unit 269), the prime unit of the IDF.

Rami Sherman

Commando officer

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

I was born in 1953 in kibbutz LEHAVOT HABASHAN. My parents were Holocaust survivors and came to Israel in 1946. In 1972, I enlisted in the army and was accepted into an elite unit of the IDF, which today is allowed to be named 'Sayeret Matkal'. In 1976, when an Air-France plane was hijacked and rerouted to Entebbe, I was the Operations Officer of the 'unit', under the command of Yoni Netanyahu z”l. In my capacity, I was very much involved in preparing the unit for the Operation. I took part in the mission as a commander, together with 33 soldiers, to free the hostages and bring them safely home.

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