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One woman at the end of the world

Ravit Naor brings her story about the Israeli expedition to the North Pole.
How do you leave a 7-months-old baby, and walk to the coldest place on earth? How do you manage with six guys as the tens building up and you can no longer feel your fit? And why is the Russian option better? All of that and more about the never-ending walk to the coldest place on earth.

On the other side of Russia

Ravit Naor was the first Israeli that made it to the summit of the Elbrus, the highs mountain in Europe, at the Kawkaz Mountain near the border of Gorgia. What happened to the lost Japanese expedition? How does it feel to win over the Nazi's alit force and why is it easier to be a woman on a high mountain? Ravit continues to the far east of Russia, where she leads an Israeli-Russian expedition that for the first time try's to Crosse the frozen Lake Baykal (the largest lake in the world), in Siberia. Sleeping with 5 men in the same sleeping bag…. Surviving an earth wake and learning about living with no running water.

The women I met in Africa

Going from the highest place in Africa to the lowest place of humankind. Ravit brings the unbelievable story of Palami, Rebecca, and Makoto. Aids, rape, starvation, and female genital mutilation. All at the most beautiful continent on earth.

Ravit Naor

One woman at the end of the world

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Hebrew, English

led the first and only Israeli expedition, to the North Pole. She was the first Israeli woman that made it to the summit of the Mont Blanc – (4808 meters); the Kilimanjaro in Africa (5895 meters) and the Elbrose (5684 meters) the highest mountain in Europe. She participated in many diving, climbing, rafting, and motorcycle expeditions, all over the world. After nearly 20 years of Working, as one of the leading journalists in Israel, and having her own TV show, she decided to follow in her father's steps and become a professional pilot.

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