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Stage performance tools for keynote speakers

As a top speaker you probably have been on many stages in front of thousands of people, you are an expert in your field and you know how to nail your presentation like a pro with words straight to your audience's hearts. But have you ever thought about your main communication tool, the one beyond words? Are you aware of the information you receive from your audience from the second they see you?
Body language is our main tool to communicate, using it properly will take your performance on stage to the next level.

Security personel

Working in security means you have a lot of responsibility in your hands and I am sure you want the best and most advanced tools out there to do your job.
But what if I told you, there is a new tool so advanced that allows you to solve much more than you think: any situation and their motives, in real-time, even before they happen. Would you be intersted in such technology?
Well, thisnew tool is body language and it will allow you to feel and project power and authority in 3 seconds and at the same time to identify crimes and deception in the investigation through discomfort
(pressure signs) in their body language.

Top Salesperson

A one-of-a-kind workshop for salespeople working d2d, or in a dynamic enviroment.
With powerful tools from the realm of body language you will be able to:

1. Perfect your first impression and project warmth, self-esteem, and transparency.
2. You will be able to influence and persuade effortlessly.
3. You will see the signs of “hot topic” vs “stressful topic” through comfort and discomfort.
4. You will know what the person in front of you thinks of you.

This workshop will give you an advantage in the business world in challenging and competitive times. It will upgrade your game and sharpen your senses and boost your self-esteem. Remember knowledge is power.

Ronen Golan

Body Language and Micro Expressions expert

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English, Hebrew

An Expert in body language and micro-expressions for over 25 years, owns a community of tens of thousands of Israelis which. In his lectures and workshops he is focusing on these elements:
1. The effect of our body language on people around us.
2. Simple ways to trick our minds to give us access to our true potential and confidence.
3. Read people anywhere on the globe with the five principles of body language: personal space, posture, hands, legs and the face. Ronen is the only expert in Israel teaching this microexpressions, and is one of very few in the world who own an expert-level diploma from Paul Ekman prestigious school.

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