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Understanding the influence of zodiac signs on our lives. Understanding the order and cyclicality of Zodiac signs. The analysis of zodiac signs by element, direction and quality. A in-depth analysis of every zodiac sign.

The planets in our solar system

Understanding the planets, their control and influence over our lives and over the zodiac signs, their symbolism and position. An in-depth analysis of each and every planet.

Matching of people according to astrology

In this lecture we will understand which zodiac signs will match each other and which ones won't. We will analyze all the factors for matching or non-matching and understand why. Each of us would love to know what zodiac signs we'll get along with and which ones we won't.

Roy Loeb

Expert astrologer for over 40 years

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Roy started to show interest in astrology at the young age of 16, when he received a book from his mother.
Since then, he never ceased to practice astrology while feeling that this is his goal in life. Roy has deciphered thousands of birth charts with great precision and professionalism.
Moreover, he gives many lectures and seminars, which can take place in any setting. Roy has participated in many professional conferences in Israel and abroad. He writes articles and predictions in four different magazines. Furthermore, he appeared on television and the radio a number of times. Prepare for a unique and professional book, soon to be published.

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