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Politics- between The United States and Israel

History, Leaders, the differences and similarities between the two democracies, the relationship between them, from PM Ben Gurion to PM Netanyahu, from President Truman to president Trump.

Diplomacy and international relations

The History of diplomacy, the life of a Diplomat and the ability of the right way of diplomacy to replace these days, armies and weapons.

The secrets of a right speech and an impressive public appearance

How to speak in front of an audience? How to tell a story, how to interview on TV? The secrets of a right speech and an impressive public appearance.

Shai Bazak

Advisor to politicians and directors

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English, Hebrew

A Diplomat, political correspondent, Government advisor, Media expert and businessman.
Mr. Shai Bazak was born in Jerusalem. He served in the Israeli army. He served as the media director for the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. He then became a Diplomat and served twice as The head of diplomatic missions of Israel in the U.S. as the consul general of Israel in Miami and in Boston.
He was also the envoy and head of mission in London, UK, of the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL).
Today Mr. Bazak is an international businessman, advisor to politicians and directors, and a speaker at various forums around the world on Media, Government and diplomatic affairs.

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