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A strong and respected manager - How?

Strengthening management skills in order to be the best manager that you can be.
What is it about leaders who manage to pull everyone behind them and how can I bring these qualities and skills to light.
We will talk about the differences between a manager and a leader, about strengthening strengths and awareness and how I can express myself, be present and influential.
How do I convey a strong message and fulfill a dream of being a valued and significant manager.

Leadership - My Superpower

And how can I bring it to life.
Everyone has a significant added value, beyond the definition of their role.
A prominent and natural superpower for me that sets me apart from the rest.
This superpower is my "secret sauce" and if it is intended and directed, it is an asset to any organization.
We will talk about traits and characteristics that are important to highlight in order to be a significant leader.
What do I bring "to the table" and how does that make me stand out from the rest and what is the right and best way
To bring my strengths to light which will make me a substantial leader.

My Personal Resilience

How to strengthen and preserve it and how it helps me to be or become a leader.
Life brings ups and downs, in all areas.
Our strength is not only to get up from the falls, but to grow from them.
We will discuss how to build resilience and maintain it and flourish for people and managers
that we aspire to be.

Tal Rom

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

I am Tal Rom, I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and education, a master's degree in behavior and organizational development.
I am a Personal and Business mentor and consultant. I have rich experience in strengthening the well-being and resilience of managers, agers, increasing productivity and commitment and providing tools in order to bring out your best.

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