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Erasing the hate

From Neo-Nazi to Peace Activist Addressing Bullying, Dehumanizing, Hate Issues, Embracing those who are different.

I don't want to sound racist, but...

A lecture about the differences between intentional and unintentional racism, the difference between blatant hatred and systemic racism.

The new old Anti-Semitism

A lecture about the history of Anti-Semitism and why it's still around today.

TM Garret

A German-American author

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English, German

TM Garret is a German-American Human Rights andInterfaith Activist. As a former Neo-Nazi and KKK leader, who left hate groupsand extremist ideology behind in 2002, he now is a motivational speaker againsthatred and Anti-Semitism. In 2016 he founded C.H.A.N.G.E, a non-profitorganization engaging in community outreach programs, food drives, seminars,anti-racism campaigns, and anti-violence campaigns. In 2018 he founded the annual Memphis Peace Conference. TM Garret also works closely with the Simon WiesenthalCenter and has lectured at schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, BostonLaw School, Hotchkiss and Pomona.

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