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My journey story

As an Israeli who grew up abroad, Tsahi experienced the difference in his own flesh. Dealing with ignorance, anti-Semitism, and disinformation was part of everyday life. Instead of closing himself in the sense of alienation, he opened all the possible doors, and when necessary he broke the walls.
Tsahi invites you to a journey across borders and countries in search of self-determination that every Israeli youth goes through in a particular person who lives outside of Israel. As a son to parents in service, he changed countries and homes at a dizzying pace. Before the age of 18, he lived in five countries (Israel, Denmark, Italy, Egypt and Belgium) and acquired five languages. How does the prejudiced world look at Israelis? Can you keep your sanity when you change homes, class, and friends every two or three years? How did Tsahi deal with the Israeli "roughness" as a child who returned to Israel with European mannerisms to the middle of the "Amidar" neighborhood in Ramat Gan next to the cowshed? Why did Tsahi decide to give up his degree studies in Belgium and immigrate to Israel to do army service? What is the connection between creation, art and music to military service as a lone soldier in one of the classified units in the IDF in one of the threatened countries in the Middle East? How do you overcome the trauma of the service and go out to "citizenship"? Join Tsahi on a multicultural musical journey and his conscious way to the unknown.

***During the lecture, songs are intertwined among them "Tamali Ma'aq" from "Fauda".

(Main photo by Dudi Hasson)

Tsahi Halevi

Musician, singer, creator & actor

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English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, Hebrew

Halevy was born in Israel. As a child, he lived in many countries due to his father's work in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. Halevy grew up knowing how to speak five languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, and English.
During his service in the IDF, he first joined the special forces Samson Unit that focused on undercover military operations, and later served as an officer in the elite special operations force Duvdevan Unit noted for undercover operations in urban areas, during which its members often wear Arab civilian clothes as a disguise.
In February 2015, the television series Fauda first aired on 'yes'. In it, Halevy portrays 'Naor'.

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