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"Nakam" – The Jewish Avengers

1945, end of WWII, an organized group of the Jewish Brigade founded the "Nakam", it is estimated that this group executed about 1,500 Nazis, seeking revenge.

"Making the Impossible, Possible"

Provocative show\lecture about creative thinking and square thinking. Yarin uses witty magic to create an unforgettable experience, which poses an intellectual challenge with entertaining demonstrations.

"The woman who knew too much"

Jenny Mae - the woman who infiltrated all the intelligence organizations in the world, and was eliminated in Israel.
Jenny Mae was a female James Bond, a dolphin trainer for military purposes, an expert in killing methods, with a Dan 5 belt in karate, a skilled sniper and an explosives expert.
She Conducted twisted ties with the CIA, the "Mossad", the K.G.B, and Arab intelligence services.
In this lecture, for the first time, will appear a CIA shadow man – on camera - who talks about the involvement of The CIA, in various secret operations around the world.

Yarin Kimor

TV Documentary director, creative thinking expert , and Author

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English, Hebrew

Yarin Kimor, is an investigative reporter and a director of documentaries and Series, for the Israeli television.
For decades, he specialized in research of unknown stories about Israel's secret services,
and specifically - on the Mossad
During his work, he has interviewed most of the heads of the Mossad, commanders of operational divisions, fighters, spies and agents.
Yarin is also a leading speaker in the development of systematic creative thinking.
His lecture "The Impossible made possible", is the leading lecture in Israel -
3000 companies and organizations. Among them: IBM, MICROSOFT, INTEL, BLOOMBERG, the elite intelligence units such as" 8200" and the secret services.

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