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Creative thinking from the world of IDF special operations for everyday life

The world of IDF special operations is a fascinating, secretive, that requires the use of minimal force to achieve a maximum result. A successful operation begins with extraordinary planning and execution and renewed creative thinking in order to achieve the result.
As in the military world also in the Business world, often creativity is the difference between rapid and phenomenal success to a failure.
In the lecture you will hear about the principles of creative thinking, how to develop and assimilate different and innovative thinking and examples and principles from the field of special military operations that can be applied in the civilian field.

How do you jump on a grenade ?! -Significant service out of a meaningful life

Military service in the IDF is a period of time that is very significant for the State of Israel and the enlisted person's personal life. The desire for significant service is a natural aspiration of every recruiter who strives for maximum self-fulfillment. There are often crises arising from the differences between the perception and the early expectations and the daily reality of military service and the unexpected challenges that the service has.
In the lecture you will hear about how to prepare for physical and mental service and on the other hand make military service a significant period of time in life out of a whole life of meaning.

Yaron Buskila

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English, Hebrew

Yaron is a retired Lieutenant-Colonel, still serving in reserve duty. Yaron served in all commanding roles – started as a combat fighter up to a Deputy Brigade Commander.
Yaron also served as a Special Operations Officer, was wounded 3 times during military service, and won the 2017 Presidential Award in the field of excellence.
He currently serves as VP of IDSF movement ("Habithonistim"), National Security Experts Defending Israel, Channel 14's military commentator, an advisory organization for start-up companies, and a senior advisor to the Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce.

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