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The Israeli intelligence community

The great stories behind Mossad & Shin-Bet's Cyber Warfare.

Israel Political Security 2020

Introducing the security business and military force of Israel, broadly addressing the different front – Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians.

Captives and Missing Persons

Presentation of the different Israeli captives and missing persons, and the public and covert ways of dealing with that issue.

Yoav Limor

Senior defense correspondent

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Yoav Limor is the senior defense correspondent for “Israel Hayom” daily newspaper, and host of the morning show and documentaries on Keshet TV and host of the defense magazine on I24news TV.
Limor is a veteran military correspondent, who has been covering the Middle East conflict for the last 33 years, he presents daily news and commentary.
He began his career at the IDF Magazine, and later at “Maariv” daily, as a political correspondent and as the newspaper's senior correspondent in Europe. Limor joined ch-1 TV in 2003, where aside from his reporter and commentator position covering defense issues, he hosted a political talk-show.

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