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A night in the life of a field agent

Negotiation - the world of intelligence versus the business world

Women in the world of terrorism around the world - who? Why? where?

Yossi Amrosi

Former senior agent at ISA (Israeli Security Agency - 'Shin Bet')

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

I joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served as a Combat Soldier and Commander. Afterwards, I started working at the ISA (Israeli Security Authorities - Shin Bet) where I held various positions for nearly 30 years, including: senior manager in the field of terror incidents executed in the Arab sector, including investigations, interrogations and gathering intelligence, managing various units with dozens of employees, security officer for Israeli Airline EL AL, ISA Regional Security Director for Asia & the Pacific. Due to my work done abroad in Africa, Asia, and Europe, I acquired in-depth knowledge of different cultures and nationalities, specifically the different needs that come with each place.

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