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"Tricks of the mind"

An immersive and fascinating performance, immersed in a lot of humor, amazement and curiosity. With the participation of the audience throughout the performance, which creates a special and exciting experience.
Mind reading, mind transplant, telekinesis, connection between people.
Appears for: companies, organizations, hotels, company evening, team evening, private event.
Adapting the performance to the event, building special and personal sections.
A surprising show, one that will continue to be talked about for a long time...

Yossi Bonan

Mentalist and Artist

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Mentalist has been performing since the age of 13. Second generation in the world of magic, the son of Master of Magic Hanan Bunan. Yossi is also a theatre actor.
Lives and breathes on the stage.
My connection with the audience and the theatre is special and very exciting and you feel it during the performance.
I take every opportunity to make people happy with financial difficulty in a volunteer show

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