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Koren's main interest is humanitarian issues which are often the subject of his documentary projects.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, poverty, the Tsunami in south-east Asia, the Haiti earthquake, and AIDS in South Africa, to name a few.
Ziv has been documenting the IDF and special units in routine activity, as well as in spec ops.
In his lecture, he presents images from the various projects, Israel & worldwide.
Koren Discusses the nature of photojournalism from various perspectives – ethics, aesthetics, added values, decision making, innovation and creativity in a world where "everyone is a photographer".

Covid-19 in Israel – the new frontline

During a period of two months, Ziv documented the new front-line in the battle against Covid-19 - the hospitals.
Koren managed to get exclusive access to four Covid-19 ICU wards in four different hospitals and photographed the critical, emotional, and sometimes heartbreaking moments in the extremely busy wards.
He also documented during that period the work of MDA, the IDF in Bnei Brak, and the national and Jewish holidays during the lock-down.
The lecture is fully accompanied by photos presentation.

Ziv Koren

Professional Photojournalist

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Ziv Koren has been a professional photojournalist for over 25 years. He is most known for documenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the IDF special forces units and its famous operations. Koren’s main interests are humanitarian issues which are often the subject of his documentary projects such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Guantanamo Prison, the Haiti earthquake, and more. His award-winning photographs and projects have appeared in exhibitions worldwide such as the Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo, the Memorial Museum in Spain, the War Museum in Croatia, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and have been published in the most notorious magazines such as the Time Magazine, Der Spiegel and Paris Match.

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