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Personalized Medicine

A healthy and normal life and the healing of chronic diseases in the Rambam's (Maimonides') approach, in light of science and the latest research.
Cancer, diabetes, vascular diseases, depression and Alzheimer's - how to reset the body to normal function and improve the chemical indicators and the quality of life.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship Brain to the Max

How to inspire creativity and bring new initiatives into the world.

Task Oriented Collaborations And the experience of reaching a successful negotiation towards peace

An innovative conflict resolution and management approach. Based on an experiment conducted in the sixties by psychologist Muzafer Sherif examining the background to a given conflict between rival groups, and suggested tools to enable resolution and peace talks from a different experience point of view.

Zohar Navot

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English, Hebrew

Zohar Navot is a researcher and clinic manager, specializing in natural, personalized medicine (following the Rambam approach) based on science, research and some of today's most innovative technologies such as VR and neuroscience.
Her treatment method delves into all aspects of life, is individual, and provides functional, pragmatic, and creative solutions.
Zohar is a graduate of the Rambam Center for Medicine. She also holds a degree in law and government, specializing in international conflict resolution, as well as a master's degree in government with honors.

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