Women Speakers

Yola Reitman

Former Mossad agent, Operation Brothers

Shalva Hessel

Lecturer, entrepreneur, writer

Michal Divon

Journalist, TV Host and Emcee

Idit Bar

Lecturer on Arab society and culture

Helene Sinnreich

Ph.D, Associate Professor, Religious Studies

Dr. Racheli Kreisberg

Simon Wiesenthal's legacy

Brig. General (Res.) Ruth Malki Yaron

Consultant and Lecturer on National Security Strategy

Sima Weiss

Israel Prison Service

Tamar Hausner-Raveh

Gideon Hausner’s daughter

Samantha Goldberg

Production/MC at SPYLEGENDS

Neomi Izhar


Naomi Denish

Former Criminal Detective, USA

Rotem Pilosof

Israel’s special forces K9 Unit

Viktoria Kanar

Lecturer, moderator & producer

Orna Klein

Author, and Former Mossad Agent

Dr. Or (Ori) Rabinowitz

Global nuclear proliferation

Dr. Inge Auerbacher

Holocaust survivor

Meskie Shibru

Israeli actress & vocalist

Dr. Carmit Padan

Resilience and Crisis Management

Linda Menuhin

Journalist and blogger in Arabic

Sharon Avital, PhD.

Lecturer, consultant and researcher

Susan Polgar

Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships

Keren Elazari

Security analyst, researcher & author

Raheel Raza

Activist for human rights

Suzy Ben Baruch, PhD

Colonel Res. Israeli police. Head of youth Crime Dep.

Ann Atkins


Smadar Kilshinsky

Actress, model and painter

Odelia Karmon

Strategic Communication, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist

Ofer Aloni


Diane Kaufmann

I was hostage in Entebbe, 1976

Dr. Miri Nehari

Founder of “Habricha Legacy Association”

Mishel Bineth Dagan

The daughter of the Mossad agent Meir Max Bineth

Dr. Shoshi Reiter

Personal and Organizational Creative Leadership

Laurence Hoffmann

Film Producer

Col. (Res.) Hanny Caspi

International relations

Ravit Naor

One woman at the end of the world

Dr. Michal Yaari

Researcher of the Gulf States

Rinat Legel

Iraqi Jewry Researcher

Thamar E. Gindin, PhD

Building Bridges between Israel and Iran

Shahin Alikamel Zakaim

My escape from Iran

Hadasa & Tzlila Bau

Bau House


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