Lior Suchard

Master Mentalist

Uri Geller

Glenn Cohen

Former Mossad agent and Chief Psychologist

Ophir Akiva

War-zone expert

Eyal Dror

Lieutenant Colonel (res.) , founder & Commander of the "Good Neighbor" project

Greg Schneider

Security Consultant

Robert Baer

Former CIA case officer, author

Susan Polgar

Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships

Inge Solheim


Ravit Naor

One woman at the end of the world

Sharon Avital, PhD.

Lecturer, consultant and researcher

Moshe Edri

Pilot & Aviation Specialist

Danny Limor

The real Mossad ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ agent

Bar Reuven

CEO and Co-Founder, the Cat Association – Elite Unit 669 Alumni

Rotem Pilosof

Israel’s special forces K9 Unit

John Mirrione

Founder of Harmony By Karate

Chanan Smith

Krav Maga expert

Tal Ekrony

UFO expert

Ziv Koren

Professional Photojournalist

Itai Vered

Documentary journalist

Itai Anghel

Correspondent and Documentary filmmaker

Amnon Maor

Self Defense Center

Ronnie Leibowitz

A convicted Israeli bank robber

Boaz Korpel

Motor Sports and Extreme Events


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