Lior Suchard

Master Mentalist

Itai Hermann

Live trivia games

Itai Vered

Documentary journalist

Yarin Kimor

TV Documentary director, creative thinking expert , and Author

Itai Anghel

Correspondent and Documentary filmmaker

Greg Hill

Movie actor

Alex Berger

Producer, creator, consultant and entrepreneur

Colonel (Ret.) Amit Assa

Former member of the Israeli Security Agency (I.S.A)

Eli Amir


Menashe Raz

Journalist & TV director

Zafrir Kochanovsky

Film Producer

Dana Avrish

Multi-disciplinary artist, designer, curator, researcher

Dr. Rafi Kishon

My father, Ephraim Kishon

Ph.D. Martin D. Brown

Cold war researcher

Amos Eran

Former director general of the P.M inister's office

Alex Davidi

Operation Entebbe

Prof. Robert Rockaway

Jewish History

Hadasa & Tzlila Bau

Bau House

Gary Huminy

TV Executive Producer, Videographer, Photographer

Robert Baer

Former CIA case officer, author

Susan Polgar

Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships

Tsahi Halevi

Musician, singer, creator & actor

Mishka Ben-David

Former Mossad Senior and Author

Ron Fogel

Film critic

Daniel Gutelman

Operation Moses

Uki Goni

Historian, writer

Gadi Taub, Ph.D

Historian, author, screenwriter, and journalist

Duki Dror

Director, "Inside the Mossad"

Misha Segal

Songwriter, producer, and artist

Dr. Sharon Z. Shalom


Michael Cole

Award-winning journalist, Royal Commentator and Top PR GURU

Pinhas Inbari

Author, journalist

Don Barak

Filmmaker & Writer

Buki Nae

Criminal reporter

Jeff Jaffe

Designer of covert equipment and former security coordinator with in-person experience in terrorist incidents

André L. Boers

My parents' escape during WWII and their survival

Ronnie Leibowitz

A convicted Israeli bank robber

Boaz Korpel

Motor Sports and Extreme Events

Alon Ben David

Israeli television and print journalist

Uri Geller

Abraham Cohen

The brother of Israeli spy legend Eli Cohen

Gad Shimron

Journalist, author, and former Mossad agent

Prof. Dana Arieli

History professor & photographer

Michal Divon

Journalist, TV Host and Emcee

Amy Herman

The Art of Perception

Eyal Boers

Film director

Yonatan Gat

Cultural heroes

Ron Katzenelson

Cinematographer & Laecturer

Meskie Shibru

Israeli actress & vocalist

Sima Weiss

Israel Prison Service

Henrique Cymerman

President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Gulf States

Professor Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

A researcher on love and emotions

Linda Menuhin

Journalist and blogger in Arabic

Ariel Van Straten

The fundamentals of secret photography

Michael Anthony Gagliardi

Efi Shahak

Banknote and counterfeiting specialist

Danny Limor

The real Mossad ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ agent

Avner Avraham

Former Mossad officer

Inge Solheim


Rotem Pilosof

Israel’s special forces K9 Unit

Haim Shapira, PhD.

Mathematician, pianist, philosopher

Viktoria Kanar

Lecturer, moderator & producer

Laurence Hoffmann

Film Producer

Prof. Uri Bar-Joseph

Professor emeritus in the Department for International Relations

Uri Gavriel

Israeli theater, film and TV actor

Smadar Kilshinsky

Actress, model and painter

Nigel West

Author specializing in security, intelligence, secret service, and espionage

Sivan Farag

Top Professional Photographer

Nachman Gershonovitz

A Realistic Thriller Artist

Michael Ganoe

PR Specialist & Moderator for Spy Legends Agency

Diane Kaufmann

I was hostage in Entebbe, 1976

Samantha Goldberg

Production/MC at SPYLEGENDS

Alon Gur Arye

Spy film director & scriptwriter

Eyal Pascovich, PhD.

Strategic Intelligence