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English, Hebrew
Lior Suchard
Master Mentalist
Lior Suchard - live show
NEW! - Lior Suchard - live online
English, Arabic, Hebrew
Yaakov Peri
Former head of the Israeli Security Agency
Israel and neighboring countries
Transformational Leadership
Music as a leadership
English, Hebrew
Yola Reitman
Former Mossad agent, Operation Brothers
"Operation Brothers"
Naomi Denish
Former Criminal Detective, USA
'My 9mm Days'
Robert Baer
Former CIA case officer, author
The Mystery of the Death of Hitler and post WWII Nazis
English, Hebrew
Alon Ben David
Israeli television and print journalist
"Israel's Hitlist"
English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew
Danny Limor
The real Mossad ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ agent
“Red Sea Diving Resort”
English, Hebrew
Itai Hermann
Live trivia games
Live trivia game
English, Hebrew
Ziv Koren
Professional Photojournalist
Covid-19 in Israel – the new frontline
English, Italian, Hebrew
Saar Kadmon
The secret world of Espionage
The Betrayals in The Espionage World
International Intelligence: The Secret Special Cooperation
Women power in the secret world
English, Hebrew
Prof. Uzi Arad
Strategist, former head of the Israeli National Security Council
Strategic Decision-Making
Leadership & Management
Grand Strategy
English, Hungarian
Susan Polgar
Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships
Susan Polgar Chess Secrets - How to Think Like a Grandmaster
The life story of the world chess champion
English, Hebrew
Uri Geller
Uri Geller Motivational Lectures
English, Hebrew
Bar Reuven
CEO and Co-Founder, the Cat Association – Elite Unit 669 Alumni
669 unit
English, Hebrew
Avner Avraham
Former Mossad officer
Operation Finale: the capture of Adolf Eichmann (Argentina, 1960)
Operation Entebbe: successful counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission (1976)
Operation Moses: Rescue and smuggling of Ethiopian Jews to Israel
English, Hebrew
Mishel Bineth Dagan
The daughter of the Mossad agent Meir Max Bineth
Meir Max Bineth - Mossad agent in Cairo
English, Hebrew
Itai Vered
Documentary journalist
Live from Thahrir Square
Tsunami – 14 days of rescue in the heart of the Mediterranean
The art of Documentary Journalism
English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, Hebrew
Tsahi Halevi
Musician, singer, creator & actor
My journey story
English, Hebrew
Abraham Cohen
The brother of Israeli spy legend Eli Cohen
The story of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, as told by his younger brother
English, Hebrew
Glenn Cohen
Former Mossad agent and Chief Psychologist
-> Cracking the code of the Mossad
-> "Pushing the envelope" - Secrets of an Ultra Ironman
-> Behind the scenes of a hostage negotiator
English, Hebrew
Shalva Hessel
Lecturer, entrepreneur, writer
The mysterious world behind "Married to the Mossad"
English, Arabic, Hebrew
Prof. Uzi Rabi
Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Israel and the Middle East 2020: What lies ahead
Iran and Israel – Dynamics of a Shadow War
The Resilience of the cold peace between Israel and Egypt
English, Hebrew
Colonel (ret) Zeev Raz
leader pilot - 'Operation Opera'
'Operation Opera' - the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor (1981)
English, Norsk
Inge Solheim
To be one of the world’s leading adventure guides
English, Hebrew
Mishka Ben-David
Former Mossad Senior and Author
Between Reality and Fiction:
English, Hebrew
Yarin Kimor
TV Documentary director, creative thinking expert , and Author
"Nakam" – The Jewish Avengers
"Making the Impossible, Possible"
English, Hebrew
Rami Sherman
Commando officer
Operation Entebbe – behind the scenes
English, Hebrew
B.G. (Res.) Gal Hirsch
Commando, Special Forces and Homeland Security
Commando and Special Forces
Homeland Security Challenges
English, Hebrew
Shai Bazak
Advisor to politicians and directors
Politics- between The United States and Israel
Diplomacy and international relations
The secrets of a right speech and an impressive public appearance
English, German, Hebrew
Gad Shimron
Journalist, author, and former Mossad agent
Mossad & Myth
Zionist "James Bond"
The death of a Nazi - Cukurs
Raffi Berg
Journalist and author of 'Red Sea Spies': The True Story of the Mossad's Fake Diving Resort
Red Sea Spies – The True Story of Mossad's Fake Diving Resort
English, Hebrew
Major General (ret.) Giora Eiland
Former head of the Israeli National Security Council
The transformation in the nature of wars
The strategic situation in the Middle-East
Cyber warfare
English, Hebrew
Dr. Ephraim Lapid
Dr. Brig. General (Res.)
Israel – National Security
Israeli society
Lithuanian community during the Holocaust
English, Hebrew
Rotem Pilosof
Israel’s special forces K9 Unit
Israel’s special forces K9 Unit
English, Hebrew
Dr. Doron Lurie
Art forgery world expert
The Art of Forgery & Restoration
Art Authenticity
FAKE? (curator of the exhibit)
English, Hebrew
Itai Anghel
Correspondent and Documentary filmmaker
The world after the Islamic State (ISIS) – The Shia challenge
The unexpected war correspondent - A personal lecture
The Kurds – Reshaping the Middle East
Jeff Lanza
Former FBI Special Agent
Cybercrime Prevention
How to Stop Ransomware
The World Beyond Words
English, Spanish, Hebrew
Julio Pitlik
Trainer and Magician, 45 years of magical training
Magic and Intelligence - a wonderful partnership
English, France, Hebrew
Ron Agam
Artist, Photographer
September 11 photography
English, Hebrew
Ron Fogel
Film critic
Bond, James bond
The Mossad in films
Holocaust and anti-Semitism in cinema over the years
English, Hebrew
Keren Elazari
Security analyst, researcher & author
"Cyber Security in Times of Crisis"
"The Age of Cyber Warfare"
"Tap Into The Hacker Mindset"
English, Hebrew
Lt. Col. (ret.) Aviram Halevi
The Israeli Intelligence community
The elite unit - 'Sayeret Matkal'
English, Hebrew
Dr. Shoshi Reiter
Personal and Organizational Creative Leadership
Yes, I can! … Creativity, Critical thinking and all in between
Flourish or Perish – The 5E Model for Growth and Well-being
Entrepreneurial Holocaust survivors' and the Start-up nation– what do they know and we can learn?
English, Hebrew
Prof. Dana Arieli
History professor & photographer
The Phantoms Project: On Dark Tourism and Memory Culture
Hitler Now: Contemporary Israeli Art/Nazi Symbols
English, Russian, Hebrew
Haim Shapira, PhD.
Mathematician, pianist, philosopher
Game Theory
Greg Hill
Movie actor
Operation Finale - MGM film
English, Hebrew
Doron Almog
Former Commander of the Israeli Southern Command
"Operation Moses"
"Operation Entebbe"
Adi Negev - a rehabilitation village for disabled children and adults in southern Israel
English, French
Daniel Gutelman
Operation Moses
Georges Gutelman, the man behind the secret transportation of the Ethiopian Jews for the “Operation Moses” ( Mivtzah Moshe )
English, Hebrew
Michal Divon
Journalist, TV Host and Emcee
Moderator for Spy Legent Agency event's & programs
English, Italiano, Hebrew
Prof. Enrico Mairov
International Crisis Management Specialist
Global Medical Crisis Management
English, Hebrew
Matan Vilnai
Former Major General in the IDF
Operation Entebbe
China - From the point of view of the ambassador
English, Hebrew
Prof. Shlomo Shpiro
Intelligence Studies
Intelligence & Technology concerning homeland security
German-Israeli Intelligence and Security Cooperation 1956-1992
English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Hebrew
Viktoria Kanar
Lecturer, moderator & producer
Doing Israel Diplomacy With Fashion
The Wearable History of Israel
Circular City – the Smart City of Tomorrow
English, Arabic, Hebrew
Yossi Amrosi
Former senior agent at ISA (Israeli Security Agency - 'Shin Bet')
A night in the life of a field agent
Negotiation - the world of intelligence versus the business world
Women in the world of terrorism around the world - who? Why? where?
English, Hebrew
Yoav Limor
Senior defense correspondent
The Israeli intelligence community
Israel Political Security 2020
Captives and Missing Persons
English, Hebrew
Dr. Eyal Pinko
Cyber, intelligence and military strategy expert
Maritime security
Intelligence operations
Geo-politics, cyber and intelligence