Special Forces

Yaakov Peri

Former head of the Israeli Security Agency

Danny Limor

The real Mossad ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ agent

Itai Vered

Documentary journalist

Inge Solheim


Major General (ret.) Giora Eiland

Former head of the Israeli National Security Council

Ron Agam

Artist, Photographer

Daniel Gutelman

Operation Moses

Dr. Eyal Pinko

Cyber, intelligence and military strategy expert

Danny Orbach, PhD.

A military historian, specializing in intelligence history

Harel Menashri, Ph.D.

Cyber, Information Security & Technological Intelligence Expert

Prof. Uri Bar-Joseph

Professor emeritus in the Department for International Relations

Ophir Akiva

War-zone expert

Uri Gavriel

Israeli theater, film and TV actor

Nigel West

Author specializing in security, intelligence, secret service, and espionage

Dr. Jacques Neriah

Former Policy Adviser of the Prime Minister

Raz Zimmt, Ph.D

An expert on Iran at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)

Ofer Aloni


Dr. Avner Barnea

Former senior official - the Israel Security Agency

Ofer Eden

From losing a hand in a war to becoming an athlete, businessman and entrepreneur

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Retired) Bill Hagestad

International Field Experienced Cyber Warfare Officer

Greg Schneider

Security Consultant

Yola Reitman

Former Mossad agent, Operation Brothers

Itai Hermann

Live trivia games

Tsahi Halevi

Musician, singer, creator & actor

Rami Sherman

Commando officer

Rotem Pilosof

Israel’s special forces K9 Unit

Keren Elazari

Security analyst, researcher & author

Matan Vilnai

Former Major General in the IDF

Brigadier General (Res.) Yaron Rosen

Former Chief of IDF Cyber Staff

Colonel (Ret.) Amit Assa

Former member of the Israeli Security Agency (I.S.A)

Erez Hason

Former Israeli security agency Shin-Bet agent

Dr. Ephraim Sneh

Politician, physician and retired general, 669 unit

Guy Chen

Former human intelligence officer

Alon Wald

Ammunition Hill, National Heritage Center

Niv Kaplan

Author, Aerospace Sales Specialis

Zuri Sagi

Brig. General (Res.)

Dadi Hanoch

Home Land Security expert

Don Barak

Filmmaker & Writer

Joe Gehr

Proactive Security Specialist

Diane Kaufmann

I was hostage in Entebbe, 1976

Chanan Smith

Krav Maga expert

Amal Asaad

Druze Israeli IDF General (Ret.)

Robert Baer

Former CIA case officer, author

Ziv Koren

Professional Photojournalist

Glenn Cohen

Former Mossad agent and Chief Psychologist

B.G. (Res.) Gal Hirsch

Commando, Special Forces and Homeland Security

Itai Anghel

Correspondent and Documentary filmmaker

Lt. Col. (ret.) Aviram Halevi

The Israeli Intelligence community

Yossi Amrosi

Former senior agent at ISA (Israeli Security Agency - 'Shin Bet')

Eliezer Tsafrir

Former Mossad agent

Idit Bar

Lecturer on Arab society and culture

Eyal Boers

Film director

Avi Zelba, PhD.


Major General (ret.) Yom-Tov Samia, Ph.D

Retired Israeli Major General

Brig. General (Res.) Ruth Malki Yaron

Consultant and Lecturer on National Security Strategy

Gadi Sukenik

Israeli journalist and television host

Izhar David

Former Israeli Security agent

Ami. R. Elazari

Lot. Col. (Ret.), Intelligence Officer, 8200 IDF Unit

Amos Eran

Former director general of the P.M inister's office

Amnon Maor

Self Defense Center

Adi Carmi

Former Israel Security Agency (ISA)

Yair Ravid

Former Mossad agent in Lebanon

Moshe Edri

Pilot & Aviation Specialist

Alon Ben David

Israeli television and print journalist

Bar Reuven

CEO and Co-Founder, the Cat Association – Elite Unit 669 Alumni

Colonel (ret) Zeev Raz

leader pilot - 'Operation Opera'

Gad Shimron

Journalist, author, and former Mossad agent

Jeff Lanza

Former FBI Special Agent

Doron Almog

Former Commander of the Israeli Southern Command

Yoav Limor

Senior defense correspondent

Oren Or Bittoun

Former IDF commander in an undercover counter-terrorism unit

Yoel Sharon

A specialist on radical Islam and terrorism

Suzy Ben Baruch, PhD

Colonel Res. Israeli police. Head of youth Crime Dep.

Avraham Sinai

Former member of Hezbollah

Eli Matsree

Former Mossad agent

Avi Tabib

To survive terrorist act

Michael Cole

Award-winning journalist, Royal Commentator and Top PR GURU

Safwan Marich (Lt. Col. Res.)

Druze Israeli IDF Lt. Col. Res.

Boris Geller

Superintendent, Division of Identification and Forensic Science

Major General (ret.) Yossi Peled

Holocaust survivor who became a Major general

Eitan Goldberg

Intelligence, Espionage & Secret Affairs

Eyal Dror

Lieutenant Colonel (res.) , founder & Commander of the "Good Neighbor" project

Roy Peled

Security operation & Intelligence professional


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