Lior Suchard

Master Mentalist

Ziv Koren

Professional Photojournalist

Prof. Uzi Arad

Strategist, former head of the Israeli National Security Council

Shalva Hessel

Lecturer, entrepreneur, writer

B.G. (Res.) Gal Hirsch

Commando, Special Forces and Homeland Security

Keren Elazari

Security analyst, researcher & author

Viktoria Kanar

Lecturer, moderator & producer

Oren Or Bittoun

Former IDF commander in an undercover counter-terrorism unit

Orna Klein

Author, and Former Mossad Agent

Ophir Akiva

War-zone expert

Magus Cagliostro

Performer of magic for festivals

Dr. Sharon Z. Shalom


Avi Tabib

To survive terrorist act

Raanan (Rani) Levy

Former adviser to Prime-Minister on World Jewish & World Christian Affairs

John Mirrione

Founder of Harmony By Karate

Marie-Christine Williams

Genocide survivor, Author, Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Michael Ganoe

PR Specialist & Moderator for Spy Legends Agency

Amnon Maor

Self Defense Center

Eyal Dror

Lieutenant Colonel (res.) , founder & Commander of the "Good Neighbor" project

Sharon Avital, PhD.

Lecturer, consultant and researcher

Chanan Smith

Krav Maga expert

Greg Schneider

Security Consultant

Yola Reitman

Former Mossad agent, Operation Brothers

Susan Polgar

Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships

Bar Reuven

CEO and Co-Founder, the Cat Association – Elite Unit 669 Alumni

Inge Solheim


Shai Bazak

Advisor to politicians and directors

Dr. Shoshi Reiter

Personal and Organizational Creative Leadership

Yossi Amrosi

Former senior agent at ISA (Israeli Security Agency - 'Shin Bet')

Amy Herman

The Art of Perception

Suzy Ben Baruch, PhD

Colonel Res. Israeli police. Head of youth Crime Dep.

Avraham Sinai

Former member of Hezbollah

Eli Matsree

Former Mossad agent

Brig. General (Res.) Ruth Malki Yaron

Consultant and Lecturer on National Security Strategy

Armand Amiel

Former Mossad Senior and Author

Dana Avrish

Multi-disciplinary artist, designer, curator, researcher

Sima Weiss

Israel Prison Service

Dr. Rafi Kishon

My father, Ephraim Kishon

Tamar Hausner-Raveh

Gideon Hausner’s daughter

Linda Menuhin

Journalist and blogger in Arabic

Alex Davidi

Operation Entebbe

Prof. Robert Rockaway

Jewish History

TM Garret

A German-American author

Moshe Edri

Pilot & Aviation Specialist

Danny Limor

The real Mossad ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ agent

Uri Geller

Avner Avraham

Former Mossad officer

Yarin Kimor

TV Documentary director, creative thinking expert , and Author

Rotem Pilosof

Israel’s special forces K9 Unit

Haim Shapira, PhD.

Mathematician, pianist, philosopher

Brigadier General (Res.) Yaron Rosen

Former Chief of IDF Cyber Staff

Raheel Raza

Activist for human rights

Alon Moller

Helicopter pilot and tourist guide for executives

Prof. Mel Rosenberg

Emeritus in Clinical Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Inge Auerbacher

Holocaust survivor

Meskie Shibru

Israeli actress & vocalist

Dr. Dafna Shaked

Social Resilience | Employer Branding | Career and job

Rinat Legel

Iraqi Jewry Researcher

Eran Katz

Author ,Speaker, Brain Enthusiast

Ofer Aloni


Major General (ret.) Yossi Peled

Holocaust survivor who became a Major general

Ofer Eden

From losing a hand in a war to becoming an athlete, businessman and entrepreneur

Shahin Alikamel Zakaim

My escape from Iran

David Oman

Middle East Geopolitics Lecturer and Tour Educator

Ronnie Leibowitz

A convicted Israeli bank robber

Peli the Tiger

Entrepreneur, leader, thinker

Itai Hermann

Live trivia games

Saar Kadmon

The secret world of Espionage

Glenn Cohen

Former Mossad agent and Chief Psychologist

Rami Sherman

Commando officer

Julio Pitlik

Trainer and Magician, 45 years of magical training

Daniel Gutelman

Operation Moses

Damian Pachter

Israeli-Argentinian journalist

Idit Bar

Lecturer on Arab society and culture

Avi Zelba, PhD.


Ravit Naor

One woman at the end of the world

Smadar Kilshinsky

Actress, model and painter

Odelia Karmon

Strategic Communication, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist

Lion Ben-Ness Vanunu

M&A Adv., Social entrepreneur, Brave Together Founder

Michael Cole

Award-winning journalist, Royal Commentator and Top PR GURU

Sami Steigmann

Holocaust survivor, Educator, Motivational Speaker

Professor Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

A researcher on love and emotions

Oded Amit

From Iraq to Israel

Diane Kaufmann

I was hostage in Entebbe, 1976

Samantha Goldberg

Production/MC at SPYLEGENDS

Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman


Dr. Jan-Ad Stemmet